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What's a Celebrant?

You're wondering, what's the role of a celebrant?

A celebrant is pivotal in your wedding as they officially marry you! Without them you can't be wed. There are two types of wedding ceremonies celebrants can do; a registry office and a personalised ceremony.

A registry office is exactly that, it's a standardised ceremony with little flexibility. This isn't as common in NZ.

A personalised ceremony is the usual ceremony that Celebrants conduct. This can be anywhere you wish (yes I can travel off-shore for your special event.)

What exactly do I do?

As your celebrant I spend time getting to know you both, I find out your vision and style. I understand who you are as individuals and what your dreams and aspirations are as a couple. Occasionally, I meet your best friend or your Children or even your Grandma too. 

I work with you both to create a personal script that reflects you, your style and your love journey. This is bespoke and unique to you. 

I often uncover little secrets or tidbits that you love about each other that you may have forgotten or never said aloud. I find out how you first met, what your first impressions were and when you realised the other person was the one.

I work with you both developing a ceremony and incorporating anything special whether that be a favourite song, a reading or a tradition. I had one couple sing their vows to each other - it was an incredibly beautiful moment!

I assist you in applying for your licence and I hold onto it until the big day. Of course, I bring it on the day (one less thing to remember!).

I work with you individually to craft your vows. We work together to uncover those beautiful words that you want to express to your partner.

Lastly, I conduct your ceremony and marry you. This includes filing of the appropriate paperwork which legally makes you married.

Whilst I do all of the above, I also support both of you through your wedding process. Sometimes have a confidant or just a set of ears helps ease some of the stress!


Being a celebrant is a joy and privilege and I'd love to join you on your special day. Please contact me and I am more than happy to answer any questions or meet you both.

Getting Married! Where to start?

It's a busy and stressful time.

Lots of couples get engaged and are excited about planning their special day but often unsure where to start.

The first things I believe you and partner need to decide on are;

  • Location/style/venue

  • Size

  • Date

  • Budget

  • What you're willing to compromise on

From there, it's suggested you book these vendors first.

  • Venue

  • Caterer

  • Photographer/videographer

  • Celebrant - hopefully that's me!

  • Band/DJ

Choosing your location can be easy or quite difficult. Maybe you have the perfect place in mind, or maybe you have no idea. Consider what's important to you and your partner. Maybe you want a beach vibe? Or something intimate and romantic? Maybe you want a garden feel or to reconnect and get married in nature. Decide what's important to you both as a couple, could it be somewhere you both grew up or where your Grandparents were married? Don't be held back on the top venue searches on Google, there are many different venues so ask around and ask other Brides/Grooms you'll be surprised what might come up!

Size - how many people do you want? Are you a social butterfly or prefer to elope? No matter your style consider if your perfect venue can suit the number of guests. Do you really want to invite your second cousin twice removed? Is having your best friend from Primary School that you haven't seen in ten years that important to you? Consider your closest friends and family. I often suggest to couples to ask themselves "will this person be in my life in 10/20/30 years from now?". Choosing the number of guests will influence your style and your budget. If you're keen to just celebrate you both, consider an elopement these are becoming more and more common.

Setting a date - this sounds obvious but can be a challenge. Decide on a day that works for you both and consider if you'd compromise at all. Are you really keen on a particular venue but need to move your date back a week or so? Is the date specific to you as a couple - maybe it's when you first met? Consider if you're keen on a public holiday as your costs might increase or if you're okay with a weekday wedding to reduce costs? If you're keen on a holiday weekend, remember to give guests lots of time to plan to be there!

The budget - always the most challenging part. Many couples have never planned a big event before so it's important to be clear with what you can or can't afford. Not many of us are Kate Middleton marrying Prince William so be clear with each other (and potentially both parents) what you can afford. If your families are contributing be clear in your expectations to avoid any drama or stress (sometimes this comes over the guest list.)

Compromises - a marriage is a union of two people so consider what's really important to you both. Maybe you really love a particular band but they are a bit more than your budget, maybe you can downscale your cake etc? Consider the trade-offs. What will you remember and what might you regret?

"Jenn is amazing. We love her!
She is kind, friendly, bubbly and easy-going and she really helped ease our nerves and made our day so special and perfect. We highly recommend her to everyone!"
- Terri-Lee and James November 2021

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